Cool software workspaces in downtown Portland

My office is approx. 10x20, on the north side of the building, looking out over the Willamette River.
My office was approx. 10×20, on the north side of the building, looking out over the Willamette River.

What’s a nice working space like in downtown Portland? Tenth floor, one block from Max at Pioneer Place, one block from 5th Avenue or Washington Street buses, one block from 3rd Avenue food carts, barristas in the building on 3rd Avenue side, locked bike hangars in the building.

Main advantage of an office like this vs. co-working spaces is the opportunity to carry out concentrated focus on work for hours at a time. The disadvantage is that there’s no “water cooler conversations” — you miss random conversation and networking.

This is somewhat of a software developer building: Chirpify is on the floor above, Cedexis is here, this is where Jive Software was before they outgrew it, Janrain is next door. Building was reworked as LEED. North side of the building; nice view out to Waterfront Park and the Willamette River, good WiMax signal on for being on the Internets.

But I’m giving up the space in December. Why? Well, my wife is now consulting from home instead of working a block away, so I’m working at home most of the time, too, and I just don’t need the space. Happily it’s proven possible to pass it along to another software person.  I was lucky to find it originally when it was unneeded additional space that a non-profit was paying rent on (another good reason to help, and network with, non-profits).