Linux Projects Should Totally Concentrate on 3G Cell Phones

With the introduction over the past month of the Cingular 8525, the Cingular Samsung Blackjack (both running Windows Mobile 5.0, incidentally), plus several LG and Samsung flip phones sold by Cingular, such as the SGH-ZX20, as the first 3G (UMTS -> HSDPA) cell phones in the U.S., it seems obvious that Linux projects should totally focus on 3G, because that’s where open source will bring the greatest value proposition for consumers, enterprise application buyers, cell phone makers, and wireless service providers.

The Cingular 8525 is made by HTC in Taiwan (宏達國際電子股份有限公司 -> 宏達電, the 8525 is the HTC P3600 phone), known by the XDA-developers project as the “Hermes” — the Hermes Linux port wiki on is the focus for Linux effort on that phone.

As far as I know, a Blackjack Linux project hasn’t been started yet.
An article from a year ago on by Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton, a prime mover of the projects, on “Hacking HTC’s Windows CE phones with Linux – a progress report,” is still a good summary of the issues and motivations for hacking Linux on cell phones. It just all adds up to creating more value faster at lower cost.

Just as it’s obvious that open source should concentrate on 3G cell phones, it’s also becoming obvious that open source can help open the flood gates by swarming to help one wireless service provider in each major national market gain competitive advantage through open source, just to get the system out of balance. Looking at this thing in terms of competitive moves, that’s something open source can do but the competition can’t, so that would be good. I’d suggest Cingular in the U.S., NTT DoCoMo in Japan, China Mobile in China, and Bharti Airtel in India.

Maybe a wiki to facilitate 3G focus and carrier concentration would be helpful.

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