A Business Professional Goes Shopping for Cell Phones

Objective: Light, slim, long battery operation, sync with contacts and calendar on the desktop.

Considered: Nokia E62, Blackberry 7130c, Cingular 3125, Samsung Blackjack — all at Cingular.

I did not include the Cingular 8525 because a) she won’t care about fast Internet connections (802.11g and 3G network) until she’s used 2.5G (GPRS/EDGE) for a while, b) it’s too big, and c) it’s too expensive.

I did not include Verizon because even though the cellular service on Verizon seemed good the past two years and Verizon was top rated for service when I switched to them from AT&T (gnashing of teeth) the instant number portability happened, Verizon said they were getting off BREW and opening up their phones “real soon” two years ago, but didn’t, and I was never able to find a second retail sales person who knew anything after the first one quit.

I did not include Nextel, since acquired by Sprint, because my wife’s organization was not happy with them for their failure to provide any initiatives to help them improve their value proposition.

The Blackjack was cool but too short on battery operation, per forum comments, plus she doesn’t think she needs email and web on a cell phone, yet, plus the massive Cingular and Samsung marketing campaign for the holiday shopping season had just started, but hadn’t been noticed by her. The E62 and the Blackberry, like the Blackjack, sort of fit in the “Q envy” category but after putting hands on the phones it was clear that the Cingular 3125 — the lightest, thinnest, longest battery operation flip phone that could handle syncing — was the best choice for her needs.

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