Deng Lijun, Faye Wong, and Song Dynasty Poets

A few weeks ago a couple of Chinese friends came over, originally with the idea that we would do some research on a 19th-century calligraphy (which I think absurdly thought was written when he was 21 years old by Yu Qian, later a national hero in the First Opium War).Later, we got to talking about Chinese pop music and downloaded some mp3 files off the web by very famous Chinese singers, which I had somehow managed to remain clueless about, even though I really like Chinese pipa, erhu, guzheng, kunqu opera, etc., and thus I was introduced to the music of Faye Wong and Teresa Teng [Deng Lijun].

According to the Chinese version of Wikipedia, one of Faye Wong’s most famous songs, “May you live long,” is based on a lyric “When the moon shines brightly” by the Song dynasty poet Su Shi.

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